About Us

Crowd Coffee Co. is the dream of Austin native Lauren Gonzales. It’s long been an idea to bring a vibrant coffee experience to the local community, after the birth of her son the calling was clear to start Crowd Coffee Co. Through our mobile coffee cart we aim to serve up craft coffee, and bring joy to everyone who grabs a cup!

Together we can do so much

Here’s how

We’ve chosen to partner financially with 3 local non-profits working to positively impact Austin, TX and surrounding communities. That means with each cup of coffee you enjoy with Crowd, you are making a difference in the community around you.

We encourage you to read more about each of these wonderful organizations and check out their sites at the links below.

Make a Stand Bully Rescue is a Texas based program that seeks to destigmatize bully breeds through education and a robust fostering and adoption program.

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SAFE Alliance exists to Stop Abuse For Everyone through prevention, advocacy, and comprehensive services for those affected by child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.  For 24 hour help, call 512.267.SAFE or text 737.888.7233.

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Carrying Hope is working to meet the needs of foster children around the state who often arrive at a new home with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  They have created and distributed more than 15,000 “Hope Packs” to date. These are backpacks that contain everything a child needs for their first 24-48 hours in a new placement, and that provide them the emotional security of having something that belongs to just them.

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